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Find your inner spark!

Are you tired of yelling? We work with parents of intense kids who are ready for less stress and more peace at home.

Stop Interrupting me on the Phone!
21 May


Does it drive you crazy when your child interrupts you during a phone call? If so, ...

I Want to be an Expert Parent…
14 May


  Do you ever wonder what it would take to become an expert at parenting?  Watch my ...

  • Michelle Bayer
  • Anonymous
    • VIP Parents

    We starting working with Brightening Connections immediately after our son was diagnosed.  Samantha taught us approaches we could employ to help him immediately, and was an invaluable resource as we starting assembling other services.  We continue to use the things we learned with her everyday.  We highly recommend working with Samantha; she can help make home life therapeutic and fun, and can offer expertise about the ins and outs of conventional and alternative OT and speech approaches for children.

  • M.C.
    • Mad to Glad Mother

    We learned to make the simple shift of dropping our negative/punitive approach.  As a result (I think there is a relation!) my daughter seems to have much more confidence, self-esteem and positive attitude in the last few months.  While she definitely still has “her moments” of defiance and sulkiness, they are much diminished and I am better able to defuse them quickly, so they don’t take over our lives so much, for which I am very grateful.

  • Kim B.
    • VIP Mama

    The “5 Polka Dots” approach helped me move from feeling powerless to empowered. I now know how to handle the situations that arise with my daughter and be proactive rather than reactive. Our whole family is grateful.

  • Audrey W.
    • VIP Mother

    Brightening Connections’ knowledge of persons with “high-functioning autism” and their communication, social and sensory issues, is impressive.  I feel I have finally met someone who really knows and understands the struggles autism presents…and more importantly, how to help.

  • Shannon A.
    • Mad to Glad Mom

    The 5 Polka Dot Potion is so simple that it’s transformative. While it’s helped immensely in my parenting strategies, resulting in more connection and joy in our home, it’s also given me some space to focus on myself. Instead of managing behavior all the time, I find myself creating new opportunities for me and my family.

  • Sarah S.
    • Mad to Glad Auntie

    Brightening Connections has a phenomenal understanding of how children are affected by their environment. I think in a totally new way because of the skills they’ve taught me. As a result I connect with my intense nephews more effectively, which helps get them engaged so they learn more easily. The “5 Polka Dots” is a gift!

  • Denise K.
    • Sensory Expert

    Brightening Connections has a gift for helping children and families with engagement as a way to improved connection and language skills. They work with the non-verbal aspects of sensory regulation and brain organization to assist children in accessing their abilities.